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Villa Claudia, 150 years of history

Villa Claudia is located on 37 boulevard d'Alsace, in the centre of Cannes. It's the family of Louis Nouveau (Famous architect from Cannes) who built that villa with the architect Laurent Vianay in 1872.

Villa Claudia is one of the 4 houses built for the 4 children of the family.

In  1856,

Louis Nouveau arrived in Cannes from  Lyon where he was trader.  He purchased a country property in the Gabres district planted with olive groves and with land that could be worked. In January 1858, he sold some of it to Sir James Colquhoun who built the first villa for the future Boulevard de la Croisette there, Les Mimosas.

After the arrival of the railway, Louis Nouveau felt the development of the northern district. He bought land along the railway line which became the Boulevard d'Alsace and built this series of villas.

Square in shape, it is built of cut stone, with a triangular front bridge. Villa Claudia extends over an area of 800 square metres with its garden, with one entrance from the side, not the front.

When the initial owners died in 1897 and 1902 Villa Claudia was put up for sale. A number of doctors occupied it, either as owners or tenants.

In the 1930's 

Villa Claudia was converted into a hotel called "Les Lauriers Roses”. After 1950 it was listed in the travel guides as a hotel for travellers and was called the “Hôtel Vendôme”. 


The villa kept the name Hôtel Vendôme until 2016 when the current owner  arrived. He completely renovated the hotel and restored its original name, Villa Claudia.